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Terms of cooperation

P. 1. We are an independent company that independently makes decisions about prices.

P. 2. All payment systems through which you can purchase goods from us are not responsible for our activities.

P. 3. Buying / selling of game currency and items is prohibited by the rules of the project on which you purchase it, you take full responsibility for the security of your game account.

P. 4. We work only with trusted game currency sellers, which reduces the chances of being blocked.

P. 5. Before placing the order, the buyer is obliged to write to us in order to clarify the availability of goods. Otherwise, the Buyer will have to wait for the goods to appear, this may take one hour or several days.

P. 6. We do not sell currency / items that were extracted by third-party software, all of our suppliers are proven people.

P. 7. You pay for the order on our resource. You automatically agree to the distribution of our advertising to the mail indicated by you.

P. 8. Delivery time takes from 2 minutes to 12 hours. If during this time you have not received the goods, please contact us.

P. 9. In case the Buyer mistakenly wrote a Nickname, please inform us immediately. In any of our contacts that are listed on the Contacts page.

P. 10. The buyer may refuse the goods if he has not received it yet. To do this, contact us and give the order number. In this case, the commission pays the buyer.

You have questions? Write to us. Sincerely, Team